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The services listed below are skills we have developed over the years but it dosen't mean we are just limited to those services.

We do relish new challenges and opportunities so if the services listed below don't quite match what you are looking for, then just use the project quote links on the this page, fill in the project specifics and submit it. We will contact you within one business day with our findings.

To view our services in more detail, click on the Folder icon below.

  • Custom Software Development
      Often times off-the-shelf software just dosen't totally fit your needs. For example, one or more reports are missing vital information you need or a field is missing on a screen, etc.

      Rather than purchase something which may or may not meet your specific needs, a custom software development project from us will and here is why...

    • We pay close attention to details, such as cost and deadline requirements
    • We are experienced, independent and unbiased
    • We ensure the most cost-effective, timely deployment for your business strategy
    • We take the time to thoroughly walk you through the entire process
    • We provide quality technology solutions for many business disciplines
    • Your success is our number one goal
    • To get a Custom Software project quote, just click here»

  • Computer Data Recovery

      As a courtesy to our clients, we offer a free pick-up and delivery service within a fifty mile radius of our Holland office. Two typical data recovery scenarios you should be aware of are:

      When a hard drive is physically damaged, it is usually necessary to replace the failed component. But before you do, it is imperative to try to recover as much critical data as you can.

      When a hard drive is logically damaged, we can usually recover data from the drive using our customized recovery tools, restore the computer to it's original factory settings, restore your data and then return the computer to you.

      Here are a few recovery services we offer:

      Data Recovery
      File Recovery
      Data Transfer
      Partition Recovery
      Recover lost or delete files
      Disaster Recovery
      And more ...

      To get a Data Recovery project quote, just click here»

  • EDI Development and Support

      EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a proven standard for communicating business data between trading partners. EDI defines the formats, data types and routing instructions to exchange business documents electronically between different computer systems.

      So why use EDI...?

    • It is an integral part of today's businesses all over the world
    • It improves buyer/seller collaboration because you can send and receive Purchase Orders, Invoices and Outbound/Inbound Orders electronically with your trading partners
    • It reduces costs by minimizing manual data entry for a customer's paper Purchase Order, Invoice or Product Order
    • To get an EDI project quote, just click here»

  • QuickBooks Integration and Programming

      QuickBooks is a very powerful application but sometimes it lacks flexibility and requires some customization to meet all your unique needs. Here are some QuickBooks customization examples:

    • Batch processing for Checks, Invoices and Bills
    • Multiple Company Transactions
    • E-Commerce
    • Mobile Interfacing
    • Inventory and Order Management
    • Bar Coding
    • To get a QuickBooks project quote, just click here»

  • Legacy Application Migration and Conversion
    • We provide support for clients needing to redevelop, optimize, renovate or web-enable a previously deployed application facing technological obsolescence
    • To get a Legacy Application Conversion project quote, just click here»

  • Mobile Applications
    • We can create custom Mobile applications for the leading mobile and wireless devices
    • To get a Mobile Application project quote, just click here»

  • Smart Card Applications

      Smart Cards are similar in size to plastic payment cards except the smart card has a microprocessor or memory chip embedded in it. Coupled with a Smart Card reader, it has the processing power to serve many different applications.

      So, why use a Smart Cards...?

    • Proven track record in real world applications
    • Improves your ROI as it durable and has a long life span
    • Provides data portability, security and convenience
    • For examples showing other practical uses, click here
    • To get a Smart Card project quote, just click here»

  • Speech Applications

      Leverage our expertise in speech recognition, speech synthesis (text-to-speech) and voice characteristic authentication (speaker verification). By creating a "voice user interface" on the telephone as an alternative to the typical touch-tone pad solution.

      Speech technology can change the way your business uses the telephone!

      To get a Speech project quote, just click here»

  • Database Management and Design

      Our database expertise focuses on these two disciplines:

    • Conversion and Integration - most companies use multiple databases and software packages to perform different but related business functions. As a result, everyday processes can become complicated due to data redundancy, double entry and many other reasons. We can provide the expertise to integrate, convert and streamline your internal processes to remove redundant data
    • Replication - is the process of storing data in one or more sites or locations. It improves data availability, security and in most cases speeds up database transactions
    • To get a Database project quote, just click here»

  • Microsoft Office Password Recovery

      Oops! Forgot the company's Microsoft Access database password or the company president's master spreadsheet password?

    • Lost or forgotten Microsoft Access, Excel or Word passwords are a thing of the past
    • Let us recover the password for you using our proven utilities
    • We have a no pay guarantee...you only pay us when we recover the password
    • Thats it, plain and simple!

      To get a Password Recovery project quote, just click here»





Already know the project you have in mind?

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